How to set up wireless printer to computer


People who do not know how to set up wireless printer to the computer, this article is worth reading for them. Using a wireless printer is very much effective and it helps us avoid many problems. By using a wireless printer you can print from any computer of your network. Even it will allow printing from Android or ios devices. People, who have more than one computer and want to use a wired printer, need to buy printers separately for every computer. If they use a wireless printer, they can print from every computer by using only one printer. So, using a wireless printer is easier than using a wired printer. If your printer remains at one corner of your house and your computer is in another corner. Then no problem will occur at the time of printing if you use a wireless printer. We have to follow some steps for setting up a wireless printer to a computer. Those steps are discussed below.

How to connect my computer to a wireless computer

I have to follow mainly two steps for doing this.

  • At first, I have to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi.
  • Then, I have to set up a printer on a computer.


If my printer has a display screen, then I have to do the following things.

This process generally differs from printer to printer by depending on the model of the printer.

  • Firstly, I need to open to Wi-Fi settings.
  • Then I have to select the Wi-Fi set up.
  • Then Wi-Fi set up wizard or network set up.
  • After that, the printer will start searching for the network. Then available names will come, I have to select my Wi-Fi network.
  • Then enter the password.

If my printer does not have screen, then the procedures will be kinda different.

  • At first, I need to plug one end of a USB cable into my computer and the other into the computer.
  • Then I need to perform the set up Wizard by depending on my printer model.
  • Then the work will be finished, and then I can unplug the USB and use my wireless printer.


After connecting the printer to a home network, I have to add the printer to my computer or other devices which have the ability of printing.

  • Firstly I have to click on the start menu on my windows computer.
  • After that, I have to select settings or control panel. It depends on the version of windows.
  • Select devices or devices and printers.
  • Click on add a printer.
  • From the list of available printers, I have to find out my printer’s name. Sometimes my printer’s name does not exist in the list of available printers, and then I need to click on “The printer that I want is not listed.”
  • At last, I click on the add device.

 Normally this is the procedure of setting up a wireless printer to a computer. I hope you do not need to ask again How to set up a wireless printer to the computer because you will get all of your answers here.


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