Special Tips For How To Get More Buyer Request On Fiverr


We all know that Fiverr is an online market place that provides a place to freelancers for offering their services to the customer buyer requests on Fiverr. Freelancers can earn a huge amount of money by selling their services to buyers. Frequently, many of you ask for the information about special tips for how to get more buyer requests on Fiverr. Generally, there are two ways for selling things to the buyer. Either you can approach the buyer for buying your services or your buyer can approach you for selling your services. When you are a newbie in this marketplace, you need to approach buyers. But when you will be able to achieve a special rank, then your buyer will approach you for doing their work. Getting buyer requests on Fiverr is a kind of tough work but not impossible. Many people fail to get buyer requests because they do not proceed in the proper way. If you do your work properly and follow some special tips, definitely you will get more buyer requests on Fiverr will discuss those special tips in this article. I hope it will help you to get success on Fiverr by getting a lot of buyer requests here.

  • Try to Offer unique service: At first, you need to find out a unique service that is rare on Fiverr but buyers have an interest in it. After doing a lot of research, you will be able to find that unique selling topic.
  • Offer affordable price for service: In the beginning, you need to fix a low price for your service but you need to offer quality work. Then, buyers will be interested to get your services.
  • Offer extra benefit for high-value gigs: People, who buy all of your offers, you can provide the extra benefit. So that they will become pleased.
  • For getting more Fiverr buyer requests, you have to make sure that you are offering high quality and valuable service. If you have not any good quality. Buyers will not buy it.
  • You need to ensure some other things also. Such as- amazing customer service, reply very quickly and professionally, deliver service on time no delay. These things will satisfy your buyers and will give you a good reputation in the market.
  • You have to be cautious about your gig description. You need to provide a grammatical-error-free, SEO friendly, accurate gig description. Your gig description will show what type of service you will provide to your buyers. So; this is a very important thing.
  • Generally, the buyer request is increased by the level of the seller. So you need to try for getting orders. Then providing good service and getting 5-star reviews. In this way, you will become a top-rated seller.
  • Once you have got that nailed down, you have got to do a bit of marketing. Promote on social media and create a website with an eye-catching blog. These will work.
  • Maximum time, the posted buyer requests do not stay a long time on Fiverr. So the best solution is to stay active much time on Fiverr that will help you to get more buyer requests on Fiverr.
  • Sending buyer requests is the strongest hack for new seller surely. But you can follow other techniques as well. Either it is inside or outside, you can promote the gig everywhere. This marketing hack is very much important for new sellers of Fiverr.
  • You can select the other category from the sub-category option for getting maximum buyer requests.

Buyer request is not showing on Fiverr

Sometimes you may face that is no buyer request is showing on your Buyer request page. Generally, the list of buyer requests depends on the category of your gig. Many reasons are responsible for not showing buyer requests on Fiverr. One of them is that no one has posted any new buyer requests for your gig category. The main reasons for this problem are discussed below:

  • Sometimes you select the wrong category while creating the gig. You do not select the category and the subcategory from the suggestion. This is the obvious reason for no buyer request problem.
  • Sometimes buyers do not send requests for getting service. They select the service by using the search engine of Fiverr. When buyers select this search option, you will not get any buyer requests.
  • One of the important factors for getting buyer request is positive ratings and the seller level performance. If you get bad ratings and reviews, you will find your Fiverr buyer request empty. This can be another reason for your problem.
  • The time difference between the buyer’s and the seller’s activities are also playing a vital role in not getting buyer requests on Fiverr. You may be active on Fiverr when your potential buyers do not active there. It hampers activity at that time.
  • If you do not send buyer requests regularly, at a time it will stop to show buyer request to your profile.
  • You cannot find the buyer request option on your Fiverr page is likely because you are a new seller there. Nevertheless, you can access the buyer request section whenever you step up. By the way, you can access the buyer request option n some niches sometimes despite being a new seller.
  • Not only on fiver, but tough competition can also be seen everywhere. For sustaining in this market you need to be skilled and active. If you are not active, you are not going to receive buyer requests. So being active is very important.

So, it is now clear to you why buyer requests are not showing on Fiverr. Now you can take the necessary steps easily if you face this type of problem. Besides, I have shared awesome tips on how to get buyer requests on Fiverr. You will follow those tips and get a lot of buyer requests to your profile and be a top-rated seller.


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